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Nick KristinaDillion
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The Iran deal fell apart, he didn even try ending the war on drugs. When I can't figure out what to do, I go to the Shift Supervisor, Dick Baker. He's from Green Bay, Wisconsin. His religion is football.

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cheap swimwear The two of them were winning, until Cap deflects Proxima blacklight tracers into Corvus which injure and slow him down. Corvus gets vaporized by Hyperion, and Proxima gets so upset she gives up the fight to protect his glaive (in comics, Corvus can revive eventually from even dust as long as the glaive is intact) and almost lets herself get pummeled to death by Captain Marvel.Black Widow does seem to get the hint that there something between Corvus and Proxima in the film, since she taunts Proxima about how her friend isn around.

On that front, random trivia, Proxima is over 3 times Corvus weight, according to Future Fight.It a lot of text for two very minor characters, but screw it, I like them, and I a bit peeved that the one interesting thing about them, the fact they in love and legitimately loving to each other, was pretty much cut out and left them as practically character less.Edit: Would like to add, I feel there's a wasted opportunity.In the comics they have zero backstory.
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